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Interim Management

According to the Interim Management Association, “Interim Management is the rapid provision of senior executives to manage change or transition”. 

You have organizational changes, a merger, an integration or acquisition, a vacancy or long-term leave of absence or simply no time to have an interruption in your company? We are happy to support you in all these situations.

We accompany you in your search for the right qualified personnel in quality management. Along this way we would fill the vacancy for you ad-interim and temporarily take-over the responsibility of the open position.

HMH Vision – we deploy specialists to help you detail your specialist requirements and then to identify a suitably qualified interim executive who can add value quickly.

But is an interim Manager not the same as a Management Consultant?

Not really ! Whilst an Interim Manager definitely is a Management Consultant, not every Management Consultant is Interim Manager.

An Interim Manager fits your very specialized needs. He or she is hand picked for such specialisms. In addition, the Interim Manager is highly motivated to look out for your best interests and is truly and actively involved from start to finish on achieving solutions. A significant plus also is that an Interim Manager works with your own people and reports directly to you. He or she not only develops strategies but also implements them.

How can HMH Vision help?

HMH Vision continuously extends its community of Interim Executives and Managers who are motivated on taking the lead, solving complex problems, execute, and making a measurable impact. In addition, HMH Vision has the expertise to help you to target search for potentially suitable individuals and to assess their true capability to execute on the requirements.

How can we help you?

Contact us at the HMH Vision office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

HMH Vision really helped us achieve our goals. Their specific expertise and drive not only to understand our challenges but also to help us resolve them was great to see from a consultancy organisation.

Managing Director, Aerospace Company

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