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Strong training and development program can have numerous short- and long-term benefits, including increasing employee engagement and retention rates, encouraging innovative thinking, mitigating risks, and giving your organization a competitive edge.

For a number of reasons its important to ensure that learning is aligned with business skills required. Rather than looking at hours of learning and course-completion rates as a KPI, instead focus on identifying what skills are lacking in your organization. We can help you to create this alignment and clarity, and subsequently support your efforts in creating a skill-building program that’s in lockstep with your business strategy.

Providing employee professional growth is a significant factor to future-proofing an organization. According to the World Economic Forum, 50% of all employees worldwide need to upskill or reskill by 2025.

More specifically for Europe, the survey shows that companies here urgently need to improve their approach to learning & development. Only half of the respondents (50.7%) believe they are provided with sufficient training and development opportunities.

By enabling employees to develop critical skills for the future, organizations can ensure that both people and the business are equipped to navigate future disruptions. Moreover, training and development opportunities are also among the most important criteria when it comes to employee retention.

HMH Vision – with an extensive knowledge in different types of training methods and (LMS)  systems we focus on training content that improves operations leadership, operations excellence, logistics, procurement, purchasing, quality matters, handling of data and health & safety at the workplace. Our training material also covers essential general trainings that by legislation or best practice employees should periodically repeat.

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HMH Vision really helped us achieve our goals. Their specific expertise and drive not only to understand our challenges but also to help us resolve them was great to see from a consultancy organisation.

Managing Director, Aerospace Company

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