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Automated Welding Line Project Lead

requires language proficiency of C1 or better the following languages:
  • English
  • Manufacturing/Operations
Job Description

We are seeking an experienced Interim Automated Welding Line Project Lead on behalf of our client. This vital role involves leading the development and implementation of an automated manufacturing welding line, crucial for meeting future output requirements and enhancing operational efficiencies. The successful candidate will demonstrate a high level of proficiency in developing and implementing manufacturing welding automation processes and production flow lines. Furthermore, this role requires the ability to effectively lead and integrate permanent members of the client's organization and specialist suppliers into the project, ensuring a collaborative and efficient execution of the automation initiative.

This interim position is an excellent opportunity for an individual with a strong background in automated manufacturing and welding processes to lead a pivotal project for our client. If you are a driven professional with a track record of successful project implementation in manufacturing automation, we encourage you to apply.

Essential Job Duties

Automated Welding Line Development and Implementation:
Lead the design, development, and implementation of an automated manufacturing welding line.
Ensure that the welding line meets the client’s specifications for output and efficiency.

Team Leadership and Integration:
Coordinate and integrate the efforts of the client's permanent staff and specialist suppliers.
Provide leadership and direction to ensure a cohesive and efficient project team.

Project Management:
Manage all aspects of the project, including timeline, budget, and resource allocation.
Monitor progress and make adjustments as necessary to meet project goals.

Quality and Compliance:
Ensure that the welding line adheres to industry standards and complies with safety and quality regulations.
Implement quality control processes to maintain high standards of manufacturing.

Continuous Improvement:
Evaluate the effectiveness of the automated line post-implementation.
Identify opportunities for further enhancements and efficiency improvements.

Minimum Required Qualifications

Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, or a related field.
Extensive experience in developing and implementing automated manufacturing processes, specifically in welding.
Strong leadership skills with experience in managing diverse teams and coordinating with external suppliers.
Proficiency in project management, including planning, budgeting, and execution.
Solid understanding of quality management and compliance in a manufacturing setting.
Excellent communication skills, with the ability to collaborate effectively with various stakeholders.
Experience in high volume, low cost metal manufacturing.

Main Locations for this Assignment
  • Europe - EU

Competitive rate, commensurate with experience.

Anticipated Assignment Duration

3-6 months, full-time commitment required.